Monthly Archives: November 2012

Ranchers, Farmers brace for “death tax” impact

The estate tax is set to soar at the beginning of 2013 without some kind of intervention from Congress.  As a result, farmers and ranchers are waiting anxiously.

With Policy In Question, Wind Energy Jobs Plummet In Third Quarter

More than 10,800 U.S. jobs in the clean energy and related sectors were announced in the third quarter, but that number represents a drastic drop from the second quarter, when 37,000 clean energy jobs were announced, and from the first quarter, when 46,000 jobs were created, according to a new report by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

Renewable Energy To Rival Coal As World’s Primary Energy Source By 2035

Renewables – including wind energy and solar power – will become the world’s second-largest source of power generation by 2015 and will close in on coal as the primary source by 2035, according to the recently released 2012 edition of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook (WEO).

Does The Future Hold a Last Minute Extension of the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit?

With President Barack Obama gaining a second term, the wind energy industry maintains key support from the Executive Branch. But as anyone familiar with energy politics knows, backing from the president alone will not guarantee full support for wind power at the federal level.

Superstorm Sandy Renews Faith in Renewable Energy

Though Hurricane Sandy left a path of destruction in its wake along the east coast, Superstorm Sandy can’t kill wind and solar.  Based on early assessments, renewable energy facilities seemed to fare well during Hurricane Sandy. ISO New England said it received no reports of any damage to wind or solar facilities from the storm.