Monthly Archives: March 2013

Washington DC Government Agencies to be 100% Powered by Wind Energy

Washington D.C. has just announced a huge step forward in its quest to become America’s “greenest” city. The District of Columbia Department of General Services (DGS) has signed a one-year contract that requires all government agencies to use 100 percent wind power for their electricity needs.

Rising Wind Farm O&M costs

The huge growth in wind farm installations since 2007 has led to a big increase in the number of turbines reaching the end of their manufacturer warranties. One of the critical issues now facing the industry, and the key factor pushing up O&M expenditures, is the rising cost of unscheduled maintenance.

U.S. electric utilities flock to lower-priced wind power

U.S. electric utilities are locking in fixed-price contracts for wind power, now more cost-competitive than ever, illustrating the success of a key federal tax policy in holding down rates for consumers.