Solar Solutions

AWCC Capital provides low cost capital for solar energy projects across North America.

AWCC Capital manages the largest portfolio of utility scale solar project land in the country! That portfolio currently owns the land under 650 MW’s of solar projects in multiple states and over 8,500 acres of fee ownership to date.

AWCC Capital works with Developers, Contractors and Landowners to fund all aspects of solar projects from real estate to ground leases!

  • We have a track record of success that includes real estate acquisition, power plant development, finance and construction of over 1000 MW of installed renewable capacity.

Project Owners and Developers

  • The management of AWCC understands the real estate and renewable business because we have decades of renewable and conventional energy experience in finance, development, and construction.
  • AWCC offers a strong land ownership platform that has been tested and endorsed by major utilities and financial buyers across the wind and solar industries.
  • Project sponsors have found that AWCC can add materially to the value of their solar power project by bifurcating the sources of their financing – with the land acquisition funded by AWCC and the financing of the solar power project provided via traditional methods.
  •  This long-term leaseback transaction increases the ITC and depreciation value while decreasing the income taxes paid over the project lifetime. The result is a project that requires less capital to be raised from higher cost sources (traditional project equity) by raising more capital from lower-cost sources (tax equity and AWCC).

    Our Solar Projects:

  • California Valley Solar Ranch – San Luis Obispo County – California
  • Campo Verde – Imperial County – California
  • Solar Gen 2 – Imperial County – California
  • Solar Hub Utilities – Hawaii

 CVSR- California


Solar Gen 2 – California

CVSR – California


Campo Verde – California