Wind Solutions


AWCC Capital turns renewable energy ground lease payments into an upfront, lump sum pay out utilizing a streamlined, straightforward process.


  • Evaluate the value of your lease agreement
  • Estate Planning & Retirement
  • Finance the purchase of additional land
  • Pay down debt
  • Re-deploy cash to a core business
  • Improve your liquidity
  • Assist landowners in receiving maximum property value


  • Landowners hosting renewable energy projects on their property
  • Community wind/small wind project owners
  • Wind project operators
  • Operators, developers, and owners of solar arrays from 250kW up to hundreds of MWs
  • Lenders/financial advisors
  • Real estate agents
  • Attorneys

AWCC Capital provides solutions for landowners who want to pay off debt, create long term wealth, acquire more land – tax free, or re-invest into their core business. AWCC Capital will purchase your renewable wind/solar ground rent payments with an upfront lump sum payout.


  • Pay off debt
  • Retire with confidence by adding capital to retirement funds
  • Buy more land tax-free using a 1031 like kind exchange
  • Take advantage of money in today’s dollars by investing for the future
  • Reinvest into a core business

AWCC Capital will collect pertinent information from you in order to begin the process. These documents will include copies of lease or easement documents, past rent checks and any other information that will be helpful in considering your individual situation. AWCC will then evaluate the documents and provide a formal written offer. The transaction will typically close within 60 days post acceptance.


  • Information Exchange
  • Asset Valuation
  • Offer Presentation
  • Offer Acceptance
  • Proceed to Funding

The benefits are immediate. The assessment requires no obligation and is cost free and will provide an accurate, confidential, valuation of your long-term lease or easement. AWCC assumes the rights & obligations under the Sale Agreement, as well as any future payments, giving you financial control.

Enhance the return on selling your property by selling your alternative renewable energy ground rent and property separately to maximize your profit. You are left with an upfront lump sum payout, allowing you to freely make your own financial decisions.

We currently work with wind farms of all sizes down to single 250kW turbines.

We have options for:

  • Wind turbine hosting landowners
  • Wind community project owners
  • Wind project operators

Receive a cash payment for your wind ground lease! Contact us even if you have damaged, or non-functioning turbines.

Project Owners and Developers

AWCC Capital understands the renewables real estate business as a result of decades of experience in renewable and conventional energy finance, development and construction. The company offers a strong land ownership platform that has been tested and endorsed by major utilities and financial buyers across the renewable industry. AWCC Capital has provided an increase in value of solar projects for sponsors by dividing sources of financing. AWCC funds the land acquisition and the financing is provided through traditional methods. This long-term leaseback increases the ITC and depreciation value while decreasing the income taxes paid over the project’s lifetime. The result is a project that requires less capital to be raised from higher cost sources (traditional project equity) by raising more capital from lower-cost sources (AWCC & tax equity).