Wind Solutions

We have a solution for landowners who want to pay off debt, create long term wealth, acquires more land – Tax Free, or re-invest into their core business. AWCC Capital will purchase your renewable wind/solar ground rent payments with an upfront lump sum payout.

Benefits to landowners:

–       Plan for their family’s future

–       Pay off debt

–       Retire with confidence by adding capital to retirement funds

–       Buy more land tax-free using a 1031 like kind exchange

–       Take advantage of money in today’s dollars by investing for the future

–       Reinvest into a core business


We have seen landowners just like you allocate their money towards their business, farm, and family.

Read their stories below:

Real Stories

Dozens of landowners have used their AWCC Capital payments to tackle the burden of unreasonable mortgage payments, and accumulated credit card debt.  Lives are changed by the possibility of financial freedom.  Homes have been saved from foreclosure, and a brighter future is revealed. Learn how AWCC Capital has helped businesses and families just like yours:

Farmers looking to grow.

A farmer was finally able to purchase more land after AWCC Capital’s ground lease acquisition transaction allowed him to qualify for a 1031 Exchange. The tax break was just thing he needed to take a step forward in his work, and pass more land down to the next generation of his family.

Small business owners.

Some families have more than one business to worry about. One such landowner used the proceeds from AWCC Capital’s ground lease acquisition to pay down debt and support their restaurant business. This allowed both revenue streams to blossom.

Family life.

The proceeds from AWCC’s acquisition provided one landowner with the funds needed to purchase a new home, improving the lives of himself and his family.

Father’s plan for the future.

Thinking ahead, a father was able to plan his estate, and make sure his family was set up with a trust to take care of themselves after his passing. AWCC Capital provided not just a cash payout, but peace of mind for a family man.


One young couple was hesitant to sell their wind ground rent. After an AWCC Capital representative introduced them to neighbors who had participated in the program, they decided to move ahead. With their pay out, the couple was able to pay off both of their farms, and purchase a third. Their AWCC transaction set them on the road to their future.


An older couple felt chained to their mortgage payments. AWCC Capital opened the door to relaxation and retirement. Their AWCC annuity was used to pay off existing debt, and acted as the seed money for the recreational pursuits they so deeply deserved.

Project Managers.

Even energy firms can benefit from an AWCC acquisition. A large platform wind developer was looking to re-deploy capital to their core business. With AWCC Capital, they maximized their assets to fuel growth for their development efforts.

Real Estate Developers.

A real estate development that hosts solar energy panels was able to monetize their investments and provide more housing for interested families.


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How It Works

We have dedicated representatives that are ready to speak with you and answer all your questions.

Your AWCC Capital professional will collect pertinent information from you. This information will include copies of lease or easement documents, past rent checks, and any other information that will be helpful in considering your individual situation. We will then evaluate the documents and provide you with a formal written offer. Once you accept the offer, we will work to close the transaction within 60 days. You receive your lump sum, and AWCC Capital assumes your lease termination, pricing, resource fluctuation, and rent reduction.

The experience can be broken out into a simple 5-step process:

1. Information Exchange

2. Asset Valuation

3. Offer Presentation

4. Offer Acceptance

5. Proceed to Funding

The benefits are immediate and real:

  • You get an accurate, confidential, valuation of your long-term lease or easement.
    This assessment requires no obligation and is cost free.
  • AWCC assumes the rights & obligations under the Sale Agreement, AND any future payments, giving you financial control.
  • Enhance the return on selling your property. Selling your alternative renewable energy ground rent and property separately maximizes your profit.
  • You are left with an upfront lump sum payout, allowing you to freely make your own financial decisions.
  • Deciding to receive an upfront lump sum payout from AWCC Capital could even result in a decreased tax liability. AWCC is not a licensed tax professional and recommends that you consult your tax advisor.


  • Improve your quality of life during retirement.
  • Imagine what you can do to maximize your or your family’s lifestyle: travel, invest, purchase more farm or business equipment, send the kids to college or indulge in a hobby.
  • Purchase more land or a second home. You may even be able to defer taxes using a Like-Kind Exchange. See: or call (800) 685-2529 and talk with a representative at the 1031 Exchange Corporation. (AWCC Capital is not affiliated in any way with the 1031 Exchange Corporation.)


  • Pay down debt on high-interest credit cards or long-term mortgages.
  • Facilitate estate planning. Put cash into a family trust or an estate to provide liquidity.
  • Earn additional cash by referring friends and neighbors. You can earn $1,000 for every additional investment you refer to AWCC that successfully closes.

Contact AWCC Capital for details ~ 877.669.2922

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We currently work with wind farms of all sizes. From vast wind farms, down to single 250 Kilo Watt turbines.

We have options for:

  • Wind turbine hosting landowners
  • Wind community project owners
  • Wind project operators

Receive a cash payment for your wind ground lease! Contact us even if you have damaged, or non-functioning turbines.

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AWCC Capital also works with Solar Developers, Project Owners and Contractors.

Project Owners and Developers

  • The management of AWCC understands the real estate and renewable business because we have decades of renewable and conventional energy experience in finance, development, and construction.
  • AWCC offers a strong land ownership platform that has been tested and endorsed by major utilities and financial buyers across the wind and solar industries.
  • Project sponsors have found that AWCC can add materially to the value of their solar power project by bifurcating the sources of their financing – with the land acquisition funded by AWCC and the financing of the solar power project provided via traditional methods.
  • This long-term leaseback transaction increases the ITC and depreciation value while decreasing the income taxes paid over the project lifetime. The result is a project that requires less capital to be raised from higher cost sources (traditional project equity) by raising more capital from lower-cost sources (tax equity and AWCC).

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Do you host wind turbines, a solar array or geothermal energy?

AWCC Capital provides financial freedom for alternative energy leaseholders.  Alternative energy ground rents are variable. The variability of wind itself, energy output, equipment downtime, and market prices are just a few of the things that can affect landowner’s revenue. Whether you’re in the energy business, or a landowner hosting renewable energy technology & infrastructure, there is a more secure way to bring in profits from your assets.



Do I pay more taxes by taking a lump-sum payment?

Right now, you probably pay ordinary income tax on your ground rent payments. When you convert your lease/easement, in many cases the lump sum payment may be eligible for the lower capital gains tax rate. AWCC is not a tax advisor and strongly recommends that you consult your tax professional.

Can a lump sum payment be tax deferred?

It may be. If you use the money, or a portion of the money, received to reinvest in a similar “Like-Kind” investment, our payment might qualify as a Like-Kind Exchange, or 1031 Exchange, and be tax-deferred. AWCC is not a licensed tax professional and recommends that you consult your tax advisor or contact 1031 Exchange Corporation at (800) 685-2529 or visit

If your questions aren’t answered here, call 1-877-669-2922, or email us at:



How much will I get for my lease or easement?

We can determine the current cash value and the expected payments you will receive once we examine your lease or easement and review any payments you have collected. 1. First we model your actual lease or easement terms. 2. Then we evaluate the impact of the many factors related to your payment:

  • Future wind forecast (how many megawatt-hours do we believe will be produced in an average wind year?).
  • The Power Purchase Agreement price (if there is a Power Purchase Agreement).
  • The open market (“merchant”) price for the power not sold under the PPA.
  • The amount of time each year that the wind turbines will operate, on average, is based upon mechanical availability.
  • The amount of time each year that the windfarm will not operate due to the inability to get on the power grid (“curtailment”).
  • The credit risk inherent in the windfarm project.

Where does AWCC get all the information we use to give you a price?

The most important source of our information is provided by you – your statements and your contract. We also hire third party consultants to provide their views on future wind, curtailment and power prices. Finally, because we have worked with so many landowners, we have extensive data on many operating projects.

Do we offer different people different prices?

Our approach to valuing leases is the same in all cases. However, since project characteristics and other factors vary widely, our prices also vary to reflect those considerations.

If your questions aren’t answered here, call 1-877-669-2922, or email us at:



If I convert my lease/easement, do I still own the land?

Yes. You are transferring only the easement and lease payment rights. You retain ownership and all use of the land.

If I convert my lease/easement, can I still sell my property?

Yes. Nothing in the transaction between you and AWCC will prevent you from selling your property and retaining all of the sale proceeds.

Does the agreement with the landowner and the assignment of the ground lease interest make the property less valuable?

In many instances, landowners receive more value by selling AWCC the wind related payments and selling the remaining property separately than by selling the property along with the wind-related payments. Separately and aside from AWCC transactions, we have seen landowners sell their property, but “keep” all or part of the wind-related income.

If your questions aren’t answered here, call 1-877-669-2922, or email us at:



What happens if I have a mortgage?

You will need a simple Non-Disturbance Agreement from your bank that releases the lease/easement payments from the mortgage. We will be happy to work with you to get bank approval.

Do I have to convert the entire lease/easement, or can I convert a portion of the lease/easement?

You can convert all or a portion of your lease.

Are there any factors that could delay the lease/easement conversion process?

Any unresolved issues, including divorce, estate, liens, or title issues could delay converting your lease/easement. We will work with you to resolve any issues.

How can I be assured of receiving my lump sum payment promptly?

AWCC Capital has a proven track record of funding transactions. We are happy to provide you with references from existing customers who can share their experience.

If your questions aren’t answered here, call 1-877-669-2922, or email us at:



Will the operator of the wind farm allow me to convert the lease to a one-time payment?

Yes. Most lease/easement documents allow you to “assign” the lease to other parties. We will review the document with you to make sure the lease is assignable.

What happens if the operator damages my property after lease/easement conversion?

Your original lease/easement agreement is still in effect after you are paid by AWCC; therefore, the operator is still responsible for any damage caused by activities on the property. Any payment for damages caused by activities on the property by the operator will still go to you.

What if my agreement has a “confidentiality” clause?

Most agreements have a provision requiring confidentiality, but in most instances you are allowed to share information with attorneys, financial advisors, family, and prospective buyers of your land. AWCC can work with you to maintain confidentiality of information.

If your questions aren’t answered here, call 1-877-669-2922, or email us at:



What is AWCC’s experience with turbine availability?

We have seen instances where turbines are not available due to a variety of technical issues: poorly manufactured blades requiring repair, projects in which every gearbox has required repair – and will require additional change-outs in the future. In extreme cases, turbines have fallen over. Because we have many turbines in our portfolio, we can absorb an issue with one turbine or one project, where a single landowner cannot.

What is AWCC’s experience with curtailment?

Curtailment is a major issue, especially in West Texas. While the CREZ program is predicted to alleviate the curtailment issue for some projects, curtailment will still be an issue for the next few years. Even the “fast track” CREZ projects are not expected to be completed until 2014 in the best case; they still require additional rights of way, have not been permitted, and of course, construction has not started. The purchase price we offer you incorporates our views of curtailment for your specific project.

Do different landowners in the same project get a different price?

Generally not. However, some windfarm projects pay landowners on the basis of the electricity generated from the turbines on their property – as opposed to on the revenue of the entire project. In this case, our price varies depending on which turbine a specific landowner has on their property. Also, $/turbine numbers may be skewed by differing contract terms between landowners in the same project.

If your questions aren’t answered here, call 1-877-669-2922, or email us at:

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